Exciting NEW Keno Options - (Coming Aug/Sep 2014)

What makes Keno different from the rest of all the lottery and casino games? Well for one, Keno was the first ever played lottery game in history. In China, an earlier form of Keno was allegedly held to gather funding for the construction of the Great Wall of China and the country's needed defense during the Han Dynasty by then ruler Cheung Leung.

The popularity of keno is every now and then opposed to by some casino and lottery players announcing that the chances of winning in Keno is just very slim or even unlikely. However, it is also not true with every other casino and lottery games? In casino games like roulette, poker or blackjack, profit also happens in due time and not on a regular basis so maybe you'll win but it is more likely that you will lose. In Keno, however, you only need to pay a small amount and you already have the opportunity to win big. In online sites, only on dollar is needed and you can already play comfortably. If you match 5 correct or machine-drawn numbers, your one dollar gets you a prize of $500.

Another factor that makes Keno different is that it is quite easy to play, no particular skills or expertise required. So easy that anyone can learn it in a matter of minutes. Unlike casino games, Keno needs no playing proficiency to avoid getting bankrupt. No rules and methods to master. All you might probably need is to lure luck to favor you. You won't need previous experience or knowledge in order to play the game right. No matter if it is your first time to play the game or if you are playing it for some time, the way to play keno is still the same. Keno is a game that is fun and enjoyable to play without worrying of too much amount of money gone to waste if ever you lose. Should you win, the more it gets exciting. Plus if you hit the grand prize, imagine how that could change your life just by playing Keno.

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